Samsung Unveils "The Wall" a 219 Inch TV

Samsung Unveils "The Wall" a 219 Inch TV 

Television, the short form TV, has become quite enough big these days but Samsung has released something more special for its users. 

Samsung has released a 219 Inch TV called "THE WALL".

It was given the Nickname The Wall which is quite a big TV and most Big TV of the time.
and who didn't want such big TV like The Wall. Imagine you are watching with your besties with Netflix on such a big TV.


In today world,4K is best but this TV is the best of the best from 4K.


 It is made of Micro-LED Light which is self massive which means it produces its own different light which produces great effects.
They have another technology which is self-emissive which means they create their own light.

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